Private security service called Special Guard International (S.G.I) is the company created by transformation of parent company S.G.EUROPE in 1997 and worked mainly in Liberec and the Liberec region.

S.G.I. established a new strategy for the territory of the whole Czech Republic and foreign countries.

The key and basic philosophy of S.G.I. is absolute discretion and confidence of the client.

According to the development of social events in the last years, S.G.I. settled its strategy built to protect the rights of citizens and personal, industrial or business important confident data.

All S.G.I. employees are bounded by the “CODEX S.G.I.”, which is being strictly observed, controlled and its breaking is without any exception understood as serious and inexcusable breach of discipline.

S.G.I. ´s business strategy is based on high demandingness on the working quality of its employees, maximum quality and effectivity of performance of its services and security service.

S.G.I. solves each business case according specific request of the client.

Every client is treated individually according to the wide spectrum of particular conditions, with preservation of discretion and mutual trust.