Advisory service

Our life sometimes brings situations where we must take a solution position, or actions to protect our interests or the very existence of ourselves. In these moments is a good solution to contact an expert in the particular field.

S.G.I. is ready to offer you high qualified service in the field of safety as bellows:

  1. - processing and implementation of security audits in the planning, design and construction of buildings (residential, commercial, technological or personal)
  2. - the processing of security measures for events run by the public or open spaces (or a combination of closed and open space)
  3. - security risk analysis and collisions at the level of ordinary life in a competitive environment for business, social or political engagement,  - including the follow proposed measures and their implementation forces and tools of SGI
  4. - the safety analysis for the resulting change of use of business or change owners
  5. - the preparation of documents and evidence for any administrative or criminal proceedings