Residential protection

S.G.I. understands that currently it is very difficult to rely only on solid walls and windows closed, especially in the strategically and commercially important moments. S.G.I. can prevent a thorough prevention and immediate solution to sudden situations to ensure your privacy plan that you need.

Residential protection is very often completed by personal guarding (protection of persons and property)

Forms of residential protection:

  1. - Constant – 24/7 protection (often combined with personal guarding)
  2. - Regular – according clients requests, for example office open hours
  3. - Operative – after mutual agreement, special client´s request


S.G.I. provides security against outside intrusion of undesirable subjects of specified type into your house and also provides filtering and control visitors to the house as agreed and specified conditions.

S.G.I. can effectively provide increasingly relevant demand of clients - preventing unwanted subjects to use their tracking technology (intelligence) to exploit your sensitive information and data.

In the content services of residential protection may include, in case of your absence (vacations, business trips, etc.) care and maintenance of your pets, plants, etc.).

Actions of residential protection can be upgraded by other products servicing of the S.G.I. to improve the quality and effectiveness of security measures.

Upon request, S.G.I. occupies client object´s regime places by highly qualified personnel screening and other special technical (detection frames - stationary, or mobile technology to scan items, instruments to prevent the entrance of vehicles, etc.)

S.G.I. offers, as agreed with the client, a group of specialists from cynology with the special trained dogs (seeking for drugs, explosives, protector dogs, etc).

To complete all prevent actions of residential protection, S.G.I. offers also actions belongs under special service.