Industrial security

The area of ​​industrial security can be understood as the largest and most demanding space of setting security techniques on a particular object of interest.

Industrial security in concept of S.G.I. places high demands on the initial stage of the processing safety analysis, quality and sophistication of security project. It is always necessary professional and sensitive way of view to internal, external, territorial, technological and user specifics.

In particular, success comes with correct dealing with every day security, which count with the reality of dynamics as characteristic feature of the object and satisfy high standards of flexibility all settled preventives.

In the field of industrial security S.G.I. provides and offers:
- to create a safety analysis and safety project
- the external input mode, entrances, exits and exit the building
- internal mode of movement of employees
- mode of movement of visitors, clients, suppliers ...
- monitoring the leakage of technological gases (explosive, toxic, harmful)
- tasks of evacuation in case of emergency
- the non-disclosure measures
- training and control of employees on selected incriminated spaces
- security of blocks of kitchen / loading ramp / reception / engine / air
- security of technological units / resources /
- security for warehousing / distribution media / ...

S.G.I. offers to clients special way of treatment  to ensure the building characteristics and its destination.

The subject of industrial safety from the perspective of SGI includes:
- the hotel and restaurant equipment
- cultural monuments
- the business and shopping centers
- industrial - manufacturing buildings
- forwarding companies and their bases
- a logistics base and center
- transport equipment and peripherals
- medical buildings
- sports buildings and equipment
- assigned a temporary office set up, areas for individual short-term activity
- the office centers
- to school buildings
- objects of state and local government
- the office of Foreign Service