International security services

The company S.G.I. has been, since the time it was created, led and staffed by professionals and specialists who have many experiences from managing practical domestic and foreign operations. Especially in the peace keeping missions of NATO and the protection of constitutional officials.

The workers of S.G.I. dispose with the unreplaceable portfolio of practical experiences from the field of securing safety on the international standard, in close cooperation with specialists, host countries, allies and coalition partners.

The practical foreign experience of security brought apart from the professional aspects, also unreplaceable experience of international relations, wide international bounds and knowledge of international political- security connections.

Based on these precious experiences and knowledge S.G.I. concentrates also on the export of services abroad, but exclusively to the countries, where political and international relations and interests of the Czech Republic,  NATO and EU structures (into which The Czech Republic based on international agreements integrated) are not endangered.

To compliance these essential parameters, S.G.I. sets clear strategy in choosing its employees and other partners who have to unconditionally observe the security parameters chosen by S.G.I. (security audit of National Security Institution) and other security certificates (NATO).

The basic stone and the pillar column of the inner quality of  S.G.I.  is “CODEX S.G.I.”, which is obligatory for all employees.

For the foreign client S.G.I. provides standard services without reservation as at home country, naturally to the extent and form that will honor and respect the interests and the specifics of the legal norms of the particular state.