Motto: „ there would not be good work without good enjoyment “


S.G.I. remembers also your psychical and physical well-being, balance and productivity.

The dynamic time which leads us to great outputs, more intellectual stress when the only motivation is to be successful, to be able to compete, to win, to reach to... when everybody can be milked of maximum of the best we have in us in a short time without the idea of refilling the losses – to regenerate!

The secondary and unwanted product is the total loss of respect one to the other, the loss of humanity both in the strong and in the weak places.In the work teams, where the only value is the outcome we feel estranged even if we need one another. From the partnership, team, collective the individuals assert oneselves at any price and behave insensibly, arrogantly and impertinently. And thus the dynamic company with a great business idea with the product which is demanded looses slowly its drive, sense for development and spends more and more time with the inner problems.

S.G.I. – comes for you and particularly for your most exposed co-workers amd managers with the program which will exactly meet your requirements.

Rich concentration of the program in the chosen place according to the time extent on mutual agreement will be prepared for you where all your employees will face their qualities and abilities as in the mirror. They will be brought to the boil where their true characters and qualities will profile. You will get to know the real team partners and the limits of your workers. The workers get to know each other from absolutely different points of view, than as they knew each other before. You will have an image of new ideal work groups, you will find ideal meditative and dogged individualists who are strong-minded and pursue the set aim, but they have to work alone.

S.G.I. – prepare the special team of professionals who will monitor and evaluate the whole concentration. All procedures and knowledge will be in team spirit analysed and each person will know his strong features and dispositions and also his weak points and will be advised to improve himself.

Collective game and active resting time with S.G.I. bring you knew idea about the inner performing organization of your society.

Your work team will be renewed, your company will be led to effectivity and your partners, customers and competitors will get to know it very fast and you will be satisfied.