Special service

We live in dynamically developing time. Our social-political clime and changes after the fall of “iron curtain” influence of foreign elements and the progress itself, all these makes our society.

Many citizens make steps to use new possibilities, fulfill the targets, be able to provide themselves and their families, leaves behind knowledge and trends for future.

Unfortunately, social changes gave a chance for developing of the other side of human being. Those are social elements that are treating our work, efforts, success or the existence itself.

Many forms of different non-ethical practices are focusing on your intellectual wealth, to damage your good name, discredit yourself, your family, company, your business partners and your honest work make illegal.

S.G.I. offers help – effectively face and eliminate intervention into your privacy, to your business, your culture, and sport, political or spiritual live.


S.G.I. company offers:

  1. - protection against eavesdropping
  2. - protection against intelligence character
  3. - protection against explosive, incendiary or chemicals elements
  4. - the detection and retrieval risks associated with technological background object, the nature of business, etc. (explosive gases,, poisonous gases ...)
  5. - the detection and finding sources of ionizing radiation
  6. - monitoring of selected localities, society undesirable persons (drug dealers, ...)
  7. - special character of the individual activities according to specific client requirements can be realized in accordance with applicable legal data protection legislation of the Czech Republic